Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Google Rocks

Google Rocks

Google, these days, appear to be more of a software application development company, rather than being a Search Engine Monster. Of course you should be aware of GMail, the revolutionary 5th day project from Google, thats stirring up the online communities. Meanwhile, "Speculations" is a word thats sticking to Google right now, for its booking . Thats right, i cant Stop you imagining, but the reality is, it is not out yet. We will have to wait until official announce ments (Duh!) come. People are still confused about GMail still remaining on Beta. Lots of invitations circulated last week, but this doesnt serve the purpose, i have quite a lots of them (Want one ?). Google, Wake UP !

Also, i have a strong intution stating that Google is up for a new set of softwares, thats going to dominate the PC. Rather than finding Microsoft traditions, you will be meeting Google clicks. Thats one Giant leap towards Network Computing. Google Operating System (GOS !). Well, lets not imagine too much, and give our face for reality to slap. ;-)

By the way, the "GBrowser" is assumed to be built on Mozilla or Mozilla Firefox. My uncle did not like the idea. Really, im craving for a neat browser , though my usage on net is quite limited.

If wait is the only solution, im doing it already.

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