Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are you Different, By any chance !

What are you planning to name your kid. You probably think, you have to give a Majestic name that will have some kind of "SH" sound, or a single word that ends in "A". Ananya, Avantika, Darshan, Shreya, Kaushik.. man, there's a big list. These days, people are Straining their minds, and confuse themselves, giving a name. In the process, they cannot avoid getting funny names, and speak the name aloud to find out if it sounds good. It is true my class had 3 Srirams, 6 Karthiks and 4 Chitras. The future class will have atleast 12 Adityas and 8 Aiswaryas. We want the name to be unique, and totally different.

Now thats the point. Everyones started being different. This is how the insanity begins. Somebody starts something, and the other person impressed by it, tries to do something better of the same kind, and ultimately everyone does it. Thats everybody being different, and thats equal to everyone being ordinary. Nobody will have Abithakuchalaambal, Ramanaathan, Rajam, Seetharaman, Swarnambika (personal names i like). But im sure, someday the future generation will think these names are unique and have their kids named, like what we have now.

What am i trying to say ! Read on. If you think you have to be different, or do something unique, then Do whatever you are doing right now, in the same fashion and procedure. Because, we used to eat on Banana Leaves, and some point of time, we started eating on plates ,and then paper plates. And now, eating on a Banana Leaf is an Exquisite experience. But my Grandfather who used to do this everyday, now is a different man. But he did nothing different.

Do not try to Change. Everyone of us are good as we are, and we do what we are meant to. We need not try to switch lanes, but just keep running.

We need not be Extra-ordinary. Just be Ordinary. Be "Yourname Goes Here" !.

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Shreekanth said...

Pranadhaarthiharan is one name that like very much...My great grandfather's name