Sunday, October 17, 2004

God Bless Chennai

The worst part of the Weekend is that, it ends on a Monday. :-(

Chennai is Showering heavens, right now. The Climate outside my Cubicle Window is "Wow! why did i come to office today !". These kind of Cozy Climates invite a sleep, thats mmm... like, im getting the kind of nicest feelings, i used to have at schools. Rains on a Monday Morning, give us speculations. "The school must be on a holiday today..hurraaaaay !". Offices should also declare holidays on rains. After all, they cannot let their resources get wet. (Duh !). Anyways, work begins today. Its a four day week, with a fat weekend. Friday is Ayutha Pooja. And i already felt it in Agarwal Bhavan in Parrys.

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Karthik Balaji said...

It's fine to hear that. But office goers in Chennai today are thinking otherwise.

With the rain spoiling the game of cricket on the last day (particularly on a day of speculated Indian win), citizens who bunked office to watch the team's victory today are brooding over their decsions of a lost day's leave (and also nice hot coffees and lunch they could have enjoyed on such a cool day).