Tuesday, October 26, 2004

TechCulture Talk - Part I

"Hey ! I sent you a mail, did you check it !". Hope you heard or said this, sometime recently to your friend. But you see him everyday, or he sits next to your cubicle. Well, we can call it Irony. Is it that we are so amused by tehnology ? Im not any better. I Do the same things, worse. I own 23 eMail ids, on different domains, and i Auto forward every mail to my GMail. Sometimes, i just try Checking it, and it ends up in a loop. Tell me how many times did you say "Buzz ! Ding ! rut ? are you there ? brb".

We meet someone, anyone who is not important, and here comes the dialogue "Hey ! Whats you mail id. Ill mail you !". We obviously dont remember, and off goes the contact. "What you have no email iD ??" - this one is so insulting, as if a person without an email id is like someone living on the roadside pavement. "I check my mails 24 hours !" - a proud statement, but this guy hardly gets mails.

Utility is a question, we may not be able to answer when we try to use a technology. We use technology for sophistication, but the base idea on which it was created, is hardly lost. "Newly wed" and "to be wed" couple are the highest revenue generator for the Telecom industry !. How many of us really use technology for the real use of it.

Mail me your responses. <- Hey ! look at me, i use technology to waste time.

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