Monday, October 18, 2004

Veerappan Dead

WARNING : This is not a news about Veerapan's death, but an analysis of how things revolve around it.

From today, take seven days (or lesser). Veerappan , as ususal , will appear on the first page of news papers. Then moved to third page, and gradually dimnish. People will see TV Programs, or Read Nakkeran Gopal's speech about Veerappan, saying how good a man he was. The village that patronized veerappan, will have an old man, talk good about veerappan. We understand, these days, Criminals are having a magnetic lasso, that cuts off the Crime they made, and impress people by their power. But iam, personally unmoved. Veerappan deserved this. Here's his Timeline. A Man who could kill people, is no man. Nobody deserves an applause for this too. Nobody congratulated Bush, for getting Saddam ! Nobody was impressed. Not me.

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