Wednesday, November 24, 2004

avyukta 1000

Ever since i got my new Computer - Avyukta, and connected to the Net from it.. i wanted to do something other than checking mails. And I started quitting to watch TV since then, and here im on my Blog with 1000 hits. There is no achievement here, but still most of the times, we get thrilled with numbers. "This is the 10th Time Tendulkar sneezed on the ground.. This is the 100th day for a movie (which did not have audience).. this is the 5000th car sold by Hyundai". Numbers are important in one way, and unimportant in another. "Life is not counted by days, but by deeds...". Same way, a Blog is not weighed by the Hit Count, but how many minds it reached. (i can hear you saying, "romba Over da !"

whatever ..

but hey ! you know what .. Im happy about this :)


Karthik said...

Congrats machi!

Aanalum ithu over than da :D

Anonymous said...

u write these kind of articles better then ur all other technical one's........... congs for this ..... n this is just a start :))))