Monday, November 29, 2004

Closer to Life

2005 is just a month away ! We will do a review of 2004 later.. but how will 2005 be, for you and me. It will as usual begin with Calendars, Diaries and Pens.. and resolutions for some of you (not for me...) You will have a sudden surge in your mailbox.. New year greetings.. The same person will forward you a lots of mails, in the name of Wishes (Duh!). And soon, The new year charm will be over. You will browse through the calendar to find out when Aug 15th and Jan 26th fall. How many holidays will you have.. and how continuous with weekends they are..

You will find difficulties in writing the year as 2005, you always tend to write it as 2004. You will soon be into a holiday less february., and My best prediction for next year is.. Valentines day will be a Big Celebration, this time..

It will be yet another dry year for you.. Every year has been the same way.

My plans for 2005 are confidential, and will not be disclosed until the eve of 2006 (bcoz thats when i realize what i planned..)

December is a useless month that gets lost in the feeling that, a new year is going to be born.. come on guys, whats so special about a new year. ?

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