Friday, November 12, 2004

Credibility Questioned

You simply have to pause for a moment and understand the word "Disappointment". Thats a terrible feeling one will have. That happens when a person has not did something you were expecting. You feel completely numb about that person. I respect the feeling of Disappointment for the Impact it gives. Disappointment is devastating for your mind, 'coz it blows it off, like nothing else.

The reason im pouring out about the word is , someone has Explained me this word perfectly. Here he is below on this picture.

I do not want to comment anything else about this person, as of now. It is wrong to comment on a person, who is just Convicted Guilty and not Declared Guilty. But here is the word, Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi has got disappointment in everyone's belief.

But i'd like to say something to the people wh feel bad, and think that this has brought down the name of their culture. "No single man can cause a difference in your life and Social Status. Your belief on Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi's did not bring you Pride so far. So, it will not bring you ill name also. His crime does not make us guilty. His actions dont define us. We are not followers of a Single person. We are followers of an Entity with a culture. Hinduism is not dependant on Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi's morality. We are Hindus and so we shall be."

Sorry about getting too sensitive on this. But i think we have to.

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