Monday, November 01, 2004

Dream Election

United States of America, elects its president today. People are given Two optimal choices. Vote for Kerry. Or Vote for Bush. People, today will select one. And without any further speculations, the leader will take the country to progress, for the next four years to come. You can call this peace of mind. Thats exactly what Politicians are supposed to do. Ask people to elect them, and then work silently. I admit, American politics is equally rotten as India is.

But let me tell you the scenario here. We go to polls, then file our Vote. But we do not know, who will be our leader. We dont have the Authority to decide our leader(thats pathotic). Only Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will decide who our leader should be. She will point to Mr. Manmohan Singh, and He will lead us, and Damn, we will have to accept our insufficient Access authority with a Dirty face.

That puts a question on the purpose of vote. Voting is meaningless, when someone takes control, without our permissions. Who are they to decide when we are here to vote. Where are your voices thrown ?

People who were not elected by the people, have been in the parliament ruling us. Thats Irony. Heights of Irony.!

What can we do about this ?

If your are sighing with a breath of air that says "These things cannot be made straight! They will exist, as it is.. we can do nothing about this..." , then Yes. we can do nothing about this.


Anonymous said...

It is not like that sir... The scenario in India is the same either it be "Sonia" [r] "vajpayee".. Even the last time no one selected "vajpayee" .. they nominated DMK in TN.. DMK supported BJP.. Later he got the power...
This is a pretty good practice.. See you will be aware of your ultimate lead... but not the ultimate lead will be aware of you... If by any chance u know computers u can understand the FOLLOWING:
In any powerful structure, the efficiency lies the way it is routed.. It goes from Last Child to its parent.. from there it goes to its parent.. ultimately reach the PARENT..
In the same way CHOOSE your local lead.. who will choose his/her lead.....

keerthi said...

Hello Mr. Anonymous,

Im glad to have a comment on this. I regret to have insulted Indian conditions, if any were found. The point I was trying to make, is we had a chance of getting Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav as our Prime Minister, when a Farmer in Ariyalor wanted Mrs. Sonia Gandhi [his leader's wife] to be his Prime Minister. The Party was forced by the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, to make Mr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister. That time, many leaders in Congress wanted to become the Prime Minister.

It was Sonia's decision that was going to matter to decide upon the Prime Minister. Look at that ! Sonia is deciding the Prime Minister, and NOT YOU! Sonia could point at a Rogue, and he could as well be the PM. Could you or I have stopped it ? We are not in control, and we have to admit that.