Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Future of Present !

Few statements that i read from a few books, are somethings that keep buzzing in my ears. For instance, "There is no free lunch !" - this one i read from many books, and had many forms. "Free lunch - Never !", "You cant get a free lunch", "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch". (Americans always speak differently.. they say "I dont know, nothing man !".. that is their version of "I dont know anything").

But the following statement,( read carefully !) i assume can be in rarely a very few books.
"There can be no word called 'IS'"

I read this in a book "Harmony" by Osho and an article by Kevin Maurice. The point is - There is no such thing as present. It is gramatically wrong to say present. There can be future, There is a Past. But where is present.Irony is we feel the present, but even before we can realize it, it has become past.

There is no now.

There is no present.

All that you sense, experience, and think about is past. It is a biological fact that your reality is past before you are aware of it. Sensation and perception are always behind.

Memory is all you know. All that is happening is unfolding in the future. Life is what is about to be. Death is past. Illusion is present.

The now or present is an absurd idea that cannot occur as time cannot stop for the moment to be. Time is a river that cannot be captured by the present. You must stay alert for the next unfolding. Are you ready ?

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