Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Got Your Diwali Dress ?

Few days back, I met few of my old friends [what does Old friends mean? This one needs a big thought, Duh !]

We were running out of topics to talk about, and Diwali poked up. From Trouser Town to Deepavali legiyam, from Adayar Anandha Bhavan to Cinderella Paavadai, From Festival Bonus to decline in Diwali craze. Of course, the way i used to enjoy the coming of Diwali during my school days, was a lot lot better than how i do it now. People have reduced cracker buying.. reduced sweet making / buying.. But if one thing still exists on the Craze component, then its just the Dress Buying.

I felt the Hype of the TNagar, when i was caught in Nelson Manickam road, for minutes together. Nalli, Pothys, Chennai Silks and RMKV have been rocking the Money world for the past 2 weeks.

One special concern about Cinderella Paavadai [Hope you heard about the New arrival on RMKV]. Thats the talk of the town, or rather Buy of the Town. Orders have been overwhelming that my friend's daughter has to wait till November 30, to get her Cinderella Paavadai. I've never seen such an advanced booking system for Clothes. But we can appreciate the Cultural Comeback of Paavadai. See, as i told you, we are turning back...

By the way, Bush is the Confirmed the President - United States of America.
Did you know, that the American President is the Most Powerful man on the Earth

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