Sunday, November 28, 2004

Iam infected by Chimera !

My Master of Science exams begin today, and continue to torture for 3 more days. I'm still not sure about the order, i have the same content for all exams. Where do you think the art of blogging on something everyday, came from.. thanks to all exams like these,. Without exams, most of us will be precisely talking, and answering straight to questions, and not hunting for words, and elloborate unnecessary things.

For instance, i write about Doppler effect, like this. "Doppler effect is one kind of thing that we experience, most of us do. It is something that has to be noted about, and it will be of great importance if we come to know about it. Also, this Doppler effect, thats something related to sound, has a greater impact on the perfect senses in extremely critical situations."

See, you can write about just anything, without even kowing about it.. and if you know just a few important points... then you can write even a book on it ;-)

anyway, wish me luck !.. im writing my exams with ultimate faith on blind luck,.

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