Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A life of Choices

Can you visualize the war going on with Technology ? Google is bringing smiles and gasps virtually every afternoon. Yahoo is competing to it [did you hear yahoo is going to give you 250 MB]. Microsoft is rushing to survive on the web. People are having wide choices on Browsers, EMail Softwares, Search Engines, Calendars, Planners, RSS, Blogs and so on. There are so many sites offering free Web space. So many hosts. Free SMS online. Free net2phone.

I have nearly 7 browsers [IE, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Slim Browser, Netscape, Advanced Browser, lynx (!)] on my PC[avyukta], and Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mail Waher Pro[a very effective anti-Spam email software]. I have Picassa, ACD See, Irfan, Jasc, Adobe. What am i doing ! I've gone Crazy and nuts about the Quality every software is providing.

You will really be able to appreciate the forthcoming versions of every software. But which one will you choose. Of course in India, only the most pirated software is popular.

My uncle said, Linux is also not popular, just because it is free. People in US dont like free softwares, as they cannot be Sued. They want Responsible people like Microsoft. Whew ! Thats a different way of thinking, isnt it.

We had a very little O/S earlier, and right now, we even have 3 64Bit Operating systems. Windows XP has a new 64 Bit version, Linux has one.. and one more o/s (i dont remember the name.. starts with D). If you are a PC owner, very certainly you will have Winamp, Real Player and Windows Media Player all installed for a common purpose, but dont know why.

So here we are, we have Softwares for virtually every need - every digital need. We can have a few enhancements. Of course, technology is taking us to a point, we never believed we will reach. but that will happen very fast. After that , we may not have software production like what we have now. Think about it.


Anonymous said...


" People in US dont like free softwares, as they cannot be Sued"

might be due to judiciary system

keerthi said...

you are exactly right.

Free softwares may not be sued for. And thats why my uncle says, Linux is not yet popular ;-)