Tuesday, November 16, 2004

POP - Power of POP, thats recursive ;-)

I was wondering about the Acronym PHP. PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Im not sure, what the Internal PHP again stands for. Luckily for me, i found a new one myself as a Title for this Blog news. POP - Power of POP.

Something you have been expecting that will pop up, is now hit reality. GMail now supports POP and you are free to download mails on your hard disk, and read them slower from your HDD, than Faster online.

I Guess, there is only a little more we can expect from Google about GMail. Its almost hightime they hit the Public roads, and take on the few ignorant people into its fantastic technical seduction.

Whats more, we have Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi's hearing tomorrow. Could be interesting to see some confessions and some kind of news from him renouncing the Position of Jegathguru and handing over the control to the Kanchi Mutt, and let the Mutt decide about its successor.

Hope you had a fair deal of Diwali sweets. I had enough. Festivals are here for just this reason - make yourself happy.


Karthik said...

Gues we could see Yahoo follow suit soon. They did have POP access till 3 years back....

Prabz said...

So, how will Google manage losing the revenue from the ads.. I don understand their rev logic here

keerthi said...

prabz and karthik,

yahoo was not able to provide POP services for free, as it takes a lots of resources on the server. so it cut off the facility and made it available on demand for a few good dollars.

this is the same case with GMail, they are providing both Automatic forwarding , WAP Access and POP Access to their GMail account free of cost. and there is an explicit Honest(??) statement that they have no plans to charge users for these services.

Let us see, how far Google can tolearate Mail readings without Ads.