Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Wanna IMAX at Home ?

This is for all of you having a 5.1 Surround Sound PC at home. Microsoft has something to offer, High Definition Quality. Of course, it is a bit older (it came with WMPlayer 9 and now Windows media version 10 is ruling). Still it is worth downloading (145 MB in a dial up is like an Ant trying to pugh the Liberty Statue down). Check it out, and let me know if you can download it completely (anybody Broadband in Chennai ??).

Get them Here

I've been to Manmathan yesterday ! I hold some respect for the Movie Critics in Aanandha Vikatan, and he has not put me down yet. Aanandha Vikatan said "Manmathan is Simbhu's first Movie". And i adhere to it. It is clearly a step ahead of all his Garbages earlier. I liked the movie, technically too. Yuvan Shankar has rocked, but why should he pierce our ears with some nasty humming, few times in the movie. Sound, Camera and Editing has helped the movie, in a very big way. We can clearly see the impact of western movies, Simbhu had watched a lot of english movies... but only those played in HBO and Star movies, like most of us. If im not wrong, Simbhu must have been really impressed with the movie "Primal Fear" which had a really really interesting last 40 seconds. We can excuse him, for he has tried. I see a good future for him, if this is the way he is taking. (Look at me.. im talking as though, im a big film critic.. but hey ! great men are always misunderstood.. :)

whats more.. in chennai

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