Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why are Mondays boring !

Dont read on, if you dont agree with the Title.

You will really agree if you work in a MNC, that gives you two whole days in your hands to handle. And boy, how do we fill it.

Monday (verb). To turn your hand at a number of tasks in a desultory and disengaged manner; to perform a task while haunted by the knowledge that this task is symptomatic of the paltry state of your existence - use with particular reference to office work.Usage: ‘What are you doing?' ‘Oh, I'm just Mondaying around.'

Unfortunately, this feeling is not something you can control. It will just creep up on you at about 6 pm every Sunday. Many of us will also experience Sunday night insomnia brought on by late nights, K TV movie, or a Sunday matinee. Good weekends are all very well, but come Sunday, you're a too tired, exhausted, worried about work the next day and therefore unable to sleep. The only solution is to set your alarm for Tuesday. Trouble is, this will soon get you the sack. So make do with gritting your teeth, drinking lots of strong coffee and eating heaps of chocolate. It's not as bad as it seemed the night before, and next weekend is twelve hours closer already.

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