Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Effects and After !

What you to someone today, is exactly what you will be done tomorrow. If you agree with this, read on.

Take a look at the picture below..

The first is an image, where you see Saddam Hussein's statue being pulled down, ,to mark the end of his Regime. And the other picture (taken yesterday) is Bush's statue (mock statue) being pulled by people of London. They did this to protest Bush's action regarding his Policies over Iraq.

By the way, are you able to appreciate that iam Updating this blog even between my Exams, or am i exposed that im very weak on my subjects, that im not ready to prepare for them.. either ways. Heh !

Yesterday, i had Distributed Operating System as my exam paper.. and i shed 32 quality papers.. each one could be an Academy award winning Screenplays.. You know, it is a difficult task to answer to a question you dont know (or not even heard about). Particularly in my Hall, almost all of us, wrote admiring stories about the Master-Slave processors..a 10 mark question. After the exam was over, we had Technical reviews (Duh !..) on every answer we wrote.. and not even a single one was close to the actual concept (whic i still dont know.. but Hey ! im a software guy.. i have excuses ;).

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