Monday, December 06, 2004

Have you Upgraded yourself

With Technology growing everyday, our affordability also has increased. Chennai people never thought someone will buy Set Top boxes, and now, Set Top Box has a decent strength in Chennai. If a school kid is studying, he has a PC at home. All most all the homes have Telephones. Every single house has Television sets. 3 Out of 4 people would certainly have a MP3 player, and 2 out of the 3 will have DVD player too. This was not the case earlier.

Im not talking about today in comparison with 1960s. This was not the society even in 1995. I would say, the last 8 years have certainly created a stir, a storm or a revolution (take the word that you like the best !) in terms of Technology Reach. We have been silent observers of technology, and only a creamy layer used to buy Technology, and were capable of buying. But now, prices have come down, or is it, the affordability is increased... im not sure.. but now every one has access to current technology.

Im amazed, at the cell phones in particular. The exponential growth, the Mobile industry is facing is any organaizations dream. If a new model Nokia is introduced, i see it very quickly in some hands. Now, how is that possible ? I've seen People with a brand new 6610 worry about the new 6610i thats of the same rate they bought, but with additional features.. that just a difference of 2 months.

Even my case, Avyukta costed 40 thousand, and for the same rate.. we could buy a 64 bit computer. The cost thing is understandable.. because as more customers start buying.. prices tend to come down.. but how are more customers starting to buy.. How come more Honda Accords are sold.. How did Sony Wega come down to 11990.. and how did this all happen in 8 years..

Can Windows 95 be a simple answer to all these questions. ?

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Anonymous said...

Windows 95 as a solution to all these questions???

Interesting perspective, but I dont think that is entirely true... but, willing to agree that Windows 95 is one major reason for things to go this way... but, more so... what I think is that Windows 95 or no Windows 95... all this was coming.... it just happened that Windows 95 was around when it came and speedened things up a little and what mightve been 2006 became 2004....

... at least that is what I think..