Thursday, December 02, 2004

Irresponsibilities - Burning Ego !

It is as predicted, a Numerous number of cases start Swarming up towards Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi. Media is tearing him apart, and a few communal Magazines are giving Pungent Headings to the cases that are new born just every 12 Hours. This is wrong. Iam not for the support of Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi, but it is unnecessary to torture his name like this. I can only turn back to Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi with a wild face.

It should have been the Prime responsibility of Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi, to have renounced the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetathipathi position, right on the next day he was arrested. Let me be frank, it Hurts me everytime i see a marriage invitation, that says "with Anugrahams of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetathipathi". And it also hurts when papers and news media say "Sankrachariyaar and Srirangam Usha !". This is utter Irresponsibility. Who is right now the Authority of Kanchi peetam, He should either Command Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi, out of his position., or Bring up someone else..

If Mr. Jayendra Saraswathi's activities are so cheap, The media's depiction is cheaper.

Breaking News

Key accused Appu arrested in Acharya case !! Well, well well.. just as i said, there has been so many improvements for every 12 hours of the day in this case.. Now for the next 2 days you will read Books about Appu's school, his mom his dad.. his family. (look at me .. i have drawn an aversion toward the Tamil News Agencies)

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