Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Max Downloads !

Yesterday, My uncle got a new PC (it is named Abirami). Abirami is a Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz processot, 1GB RAM, 19" LCD Monitor (Wow ! ), DVD Writer (Oh My !) and 250 GB Hard Disk (Whoops !). And the Good news is, my uncle helped me in hosting my photos, and my mayavaram uncle's photos on his Abirami. Abirami is awake all the time to help my File transfer.

To upload the photos, i downloaded Filezilla, To Make the photos into a thumbnail featuring Web Page i downloaded JAlbum.. But JAlbum doesnt work without a JVM. My new Avyukta doesnt have JVM .. so Downloaded the entire JRE of the J2SE from Sun- Java. Thats altogether a download of 25 MB.. 25MB on my dial up is like "me pulling a train using my hair".... fortunately everything was downloaded properly (not very fast...). People who would like to Organize and Publish their photos on a web page (if you have a File Host) you can download JAlbum from Snapfiles.com [Click here to go to Snapfiles]

Mumbai express Updates : Kamal is in a plan to hire a train from the Railway Ministry, to shoot a quite a lot of sequences in the movie. Hope, there is no chasing sequences, like the most movies.

Im planning to buy a nice Digi Cam, to capture the pleasurable moments of my life.(Duh !) After all i hardly find them. Actually, Camera is one invention of man, i hold a high respect for. It is a nice technology to capture your moments, and the time that made you happy. Freezing Time, and showing a proof of time. I'm flattered in the old monochrome Rich prints, that are still there in my albums. Photos of the life of my grandfather and his family. It is awesome, to see your face in Black and white.

By the way, why do we say Black and White TV and Colour TV, as if Black and White are not colours.... ??

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Anonymous said...

wht would you like to call it vibgyor tv

colour tv sounds good might be because we are

more habitual of hearing the same name .. ;)