Sunday, December 05, 2004

My Weekend - Lost in Underground

As Usual, installed a new game on a fresh weekend, that promised to be more entertaining than the exam weekends. This time it was a Need for Speed Version 7 - Underground. Even though mine is a High End PC, my Avyukta is not equipped with a Graphics Card, So.. the Quality was not felt in full.. But still.. The game rocked me.

This is my favourite car in the game (A Nissan Car). And in real life.. i dont even know to ride a Car.. (But who cares..)

Today is December 6th. Every year Sun News will say "Tons of Police are Surveiling the entire country, for sucpicious moves of terrorists". On my way to my office, i saw 3 police men close to virtually every 1/2 KM. No wonder, one day we will have December 6th as a Govt Holiday.

To all people who want to start a Blog, MSN has launched a new service. Click here to find out more.

Hope you heard about eBay, a world famous Aution site. You can get just about everything here. But recently a British enthusiasist has put for aution, Ladies and Gentlemen, a Nuclear Bomber Aircraft ??. Click here for more news on that.
My grandmother used to say, "This world is going somewhere in a reckless speed, and i can guess where it is upto !!", and then she would give a smile. Its all beginning to make some sense.

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