Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami O Tsunami

i heard this word Tsunami first in the movie, Anbe Sivam where Kamal says Madhavan how his dad died in a Tsunami. Nobody would have ever thought Tamil Nature will show this kind of a face to the people walking on the Marina Beach, early morning.. i dont have scientific explanations for this.. but it is pathotic to have thousands of people dead, for no mistakes.. hundreds of children, innocent, poor and the old aged, unable to tolerate the powers of violent nature.


im here sitting in the first floor.. and currently immobile after the fracture i had.. im wondering what i will do, if the whole city starts evacuating (like in most English movies...).. my Inability is i cant even walk, climb down stairs... i just have to sit and watch things happening to me holding tight in my hands my mom and Avyukta.

I felt the News Media, is underplaying things in this regard. I find poor quality in news coverage about the recent earthquakes and ocean scoldings. News channels can only talk more about rxpected earthquakes, and not the ones that really happened... there is no juice there.

Anyway, people thought 2004 will end smoothly, and even i though i can write a smooth review about 2004... but it had shown an entirely different face that it has not so far..

God save us all (and me in particular... )

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