Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Whats so good about the year

Come on guys, its the last few days of 2004. We should be talking about how good the year was... talking like this is a tradition we have been following every year ends..

For me.. this year is unforgettable, in a lot of senses....
2004, is a major Next level Gear in my life...

My accomplishments for the year..(in the Descending order..)

Moved to a 5 Digit Salary, a very nice Job.
Got a High End PC - Avyukta
Bought a Beautiful, peaceful Home - Mahalakshmi
Inserted a 35 cm Iron Rod, and 4 two Inch Screws, in my left leg.

All the 4, i will never forget for a lifetime. (This blog is also a good start in the year..)

Whats yours.. mail me Keerthivasan@gmail.com (yes.. its boring at home..)

India Today year end edition is really a Good Buy. A photo feature brings in front of our eyes the happenings of 2004, very precisely. Try and buy it.(Its for me kind of guys, who buy books for just "seeing padam"..;)


Karthik said...


If you just see "padam" in books, I can get you loads that will help you recover soon ;).


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