Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Browser Wars - Doesnt seem to End

There was a time when I never knew there could be an alternative to Internet Explorer. Then for a long long time, Netscape Navigator was the only known Browser competing with IE.

Then came the storm called Opera. The so called Fastest Browser on Earth. There was a reason most of them liked it. The Tabbed Browsing with lots of Colors and Themes, and also easy Pop-up blocking. Image Zoom is one feature ay browser will Lack, and thats the Beauty of Opera. That is, we can Zoom the web page that was loaded, and even the images on the page is Proportionately zoomed. But then, people did not like Opera for one good reason. Javascript was not supported in Opera. With more and more web pages with lots of Javascript developing, The Heaven of Javascript - GMAIL did not work on Opera until its 7.54 version. Opera had to rework its browser to stand the competition.

Netscape, however, could not stand the popularity of IE and could not directly compete with Microsoft. So, it started supporting a fast growing browser company called Mozilla. Mozilla had a browser, a eMail application and a Chat [IRC] application. Mozilla had a great luck, when Google also started supporting Mozilla for the production of the Latest, and my favourite browser - Mozilla Firefox.

is a classic straight forward browser, and Open-source. Firefox is not fast, not user-friendly as Opera is. But it is primitive and a long time use with it will make you love Firefox.

Opera has now released Opera 8.0 Beta. This one supports GMail and many other Javascripted web pages. [GMail started working from Opera 7.6 Beta, itself].

With Firefox (25 million downloads, so far) and Opera alone in the competition, IE is no where in the picture. Eventhough 70 % of web-users use Internet Explorer browser, this picture is likely to change.

So, what browser are you using, I would reccomend Firefox.

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