Thursday, February 24, 2005

Change This

Have you imagined the world around you, as of now. With all technical advances, the news and media rules the world in Eastman Color. It is only what the people involved in the news has to say. What happens to views. We have a very little critics, and thats not the way it is supposed to work. The media is not just supposed to Pen the news. But it should also send Views and Foresights and Personal opinions of people.

ChangeThis is one group that wishes to change the way, the Media works. It is a open Media, where anyone is free to express thoughts. They have Manifestos by people around the world. It allies with Bloggers (like me !) and try to post their news world-wide. This is what they say "If you like the manifesto, Publish it. If you dont, Publish it, and Give your Opposing comments along". This is one way how the media has to grow. News and views.

Try going to and read various manifestos. Avyukta will be featuring more of these manifestos and views about it every Sunday.

Good read !!

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