Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Day after Tomorrow

Have you seen a movie named "Day After Tomorrow". The Super Special Effects movie is all about the Global Warming. There is an ultimate change in the Weather, and ruins the world in Full.

Are we not seeing something similar. Earthquakes in Indonesia River Beds, and Tsunami in Srilanka India and Indonesia. Freezing killer climate in Jammu and Kashmir - India right now. And the Iran Earthquake yesterday.

[Jammu Snow - Ctsy-]

Of course Calamities were happening even earler, but the Frequency of repeat incidents, in a matter of two months have raised questions.

Earth is not a safe place to be [What a Dialogue]. We better go to Mars. I can hear you telling, there is no Oxygen and Water in Mars. If you are in Chennai, you are pretty much in the Martian Environment. No Oxygen , and No Water.

Im going to Mars. Somebody want to Come ?

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