Thursday, February 24, 2005

GMail yet?

You should be aware of the new (9 months old) GMail. It is a revolutionary, big-spaced, Javascript-fast, clean and neat eMail application. If you were in any onversation with me anytime now, then you should right now be fed up of this topic. But for others, and others who still dont own a GMail ID yet - here's the good news.

GMail is semi-public right now, and is about to come out of Beta testing anytime this year. Also every GMail user is got 50 invitations to his account which he is free to distribute. However, this is not the way to spread GMail to the public.

If you have no such friend who would invirte you , Hello. Im Keerthivasan Rajamani, and im your new friend. :)

Mail me - keerthivasan at gmail dot com

Otherwise you could yourself go to and get your own GMail invite and further get your GMail ID. Go Fast !

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