Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Longhorn Hits You Soon

Most of us were thinking of Microsoft Windows 2000, That came after Windows 98. What happened to Windows 97 and Windows 99. After 2000, Microsft started naming its Software in a different way. As you know, the peaceful and more Buggy Windows ME, and the King O/S called the Microsft Windows XP - Professional and Home editions. XP has rocked the world, as much as 98 did. Most of us do not know there was Windows Server 2003. It was a silent news.

By and By, now, Microsoft is up for its next release. Microsoft Longhorn. Longhorn will rename most of the Windows components you use, and have more colour, performance and security. Thats a Microsoft Promise. Longhorn also comes with a 64-Bit edition, to allow the new AMD 64+ users to operare on a 64 Bit Processor environment.

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