Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Of Responsibilities

I was on the Auto to my office, when i saw three kids, peeping out of the gate. They did not have a happy face. They were dressed in uniform, and hopefully waiting for their school van to pick them up to the place called school, which they did not seem to like. Can you imagine the picture ??

I was also not that happy to go to school, except those days, when i was perfectly done with homeworks, and prepared for Tests. As a kid, i thought i had too much responsibilities. How can you do, Physics assignment and Mathematics on the same night, with Metro time, and Metro Priya on the TV (remember those saviour shows ??). But it is only the starting trouble. As soon as I was inside the class-room, with all my soul-mates around me, I would not feel worried anymore.

Primarily because, I would have company. There is always someone who hasnt completed trigonometry.

United We Stand [Outside the class].

All i would be expecting everyday of my school is, "God ! Let today be a holiday ! Somehow...".

It is amusing to think about the past days. The ages of transformation. We learn more out of the school, and a very little inside (Thats just my opinion). Wow, there's much too much to write about schools. Ill save it for future blogs.

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