Monday, February 14, 2005

Post Valentine's Day

In the coming few years, the Companies will have one week Holiday, Commencing from two days prior to Valentine's day and two days after. You should see the rush in Anna nagar shops, celebrating (but why?) Valentines day. Get 50 % off on your partner's clothings. But you are not just allowed to get only your partner's clothings. Traps are everywhere, and business is always business.

Lots of activities going around Chennai, and most of the metro-politans. Red roses on demand, and SMS messages had a Surge. Bikes flying on roads with partners, who believe they should give cards and realize their love only on the So called auspicious day.

Soon, we have Mother's day and Father's day and Friendship Day, and Thanksgiving Day.
We are almost gone International in celebrating. Gone Really Long !

Sometimes, Shiv Sena is right. (Duh !)

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