Sunday, February 20, 2005

Tamil Channels on Hollywood

Hope you saw the Terror Peak and Broken Arrow (Buroken Ero in Tamil - so nice, isnt it) on Vijay and Sun TV. Next week is even better. True Lies, in Tamil on Vijay TV. And much much more to come.

This was once my dream, when CAS came to Chennai. Why dont Tamil channels give atleast 2 English movies in a week. And now its a reality. But the fantasy broken at edges. Because, the Channels think they should be screening only Action movies. (Of course, Crimson Tide was no Action Movie). Nyways, something is better than nothing.

Monday morning is nice, after a long time. During my long vacation, little did i care about what day it was. And now, there is a responsibility (how nice to bluff) to wake up early and brush up !

Yesterdays Marathon was a big hit ! Thousands ran the marathon. Hope the culture prolongs.

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