Monday, February 21, 2005

Too Late is good for a Cell

After the accident, ive been going to home, as early as 7.00 PM. Yesterday was a bit late, and know what ? My dad and mom furious about being late, and not having made a call. They insist that i have a cell-phone.

I've had mixed feelings about owning a Cellular-Phone. I know it is a useful technology, but i was not deserving to be so busy with it. Besides, no one's going to call me. But then, i told my Dad, "OK dad ! I'll buy one. This is my dream model Nokia - 9500 Communicator !!". "How much does it cost ..." " Rs. 35,000 !" "Good ! Go to hell !"

Next 5 mins we had a nice conversation. Nice it was. Dad said, buy your communicator next year. This year buy a mobile and then give it to me, when you buy the communicator.

So, Im buying my dad's favourite model - Samsung C110 (likely !).

Here's my dream phone

and still dreaming of my Communicator. Somebody willing to gift me :) I will give you my Autograph (WOW)

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