Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dreaming on Monday morning

Had a dream last night. A very nice dream - something that made me happy and sad at the same time. It is always possible in my life, that happy moments are the ones that I regret the most. Yesternights dream was such a happy moment. Quality dream.

In my dream, I was rich. Only in my dream. Im talking about High Magnitude Richness. All my dream Gadgets, without fail, appeared and danced in front of me. A 8 Mega Pixel Camera, a Royal Red Toyota Corolla, a Plasma Sony Projection TV and a Nokia 9500 Communicator. Imagine a multi-millionaire in the Old age Tamil movies. He comes with a colour-colour Gown and a Pipe in his mouth. Something similar to that.

I hold a Sony Vaio in my hand, and keep typing something. Then I go to a Dining table where delicious food, everything colorful. (I have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner even in my dreams, kindly excuse). I have a belief that people having Swings (Uunjal) in their houses are rich. So, I get back to typing something on Vaio, sitting on the Swing. Iam always busy, and attending Phone calls on my Nokia Communicator.

Then iam sitting and enjoying all possible movies on my projector TV with a Creative 7.1 Surround Sound system. Home Theatre, Hah !

Dreams are so good for one reason. You can do anything. Anything.

Then i woke up, found everything back to normal. I knew what was reality. But the sweet fragrance of dreams, wow. You know, how i like it.

I get on the Auto back to office, on Monday Morning. All the fragrance of the Dream, dies in the smokes of Nelson Manickam Road.

Reality Sucks.

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