Sunday, March 06, 2005

How many lakhs do you want ??

Successful weekend. Got the long time waited mobile (no ! not 9500. no gifts yet). Completed the Angels and Demons. Just as i guessed, the villain was exactly the person, nobody would have guessed. Next up - Digital Fortress. Getting to like this. May be Digital Fortress and Deception point, i will read parellely.

And, if you were tempted by the Topic, here goes.

I was giving a read throught Anandha Vikatan ( And this info gave me exactly 500 Tons of temptation, and a long breath. It was about how companies hired the Top level Employees, like M.D.

The companies assign the task to HRD Consultancies, which recruit MDs. These consultants fix their target, and find a person suitable for the job. He is spied upon, and his weakness is found out. Or his necessities are observed. Then they slowly, open up the offer to the MD, to quit the current company and join theirs.

Three levels of temptations. "If you join this company, leaving you current job, i shall pay you 10, Lakhs" - This is called the Golden Hello

"If you join the company, and stay for oe complete year, i shall give you 5 lakhs more" - Golden Handcuffs

"And if you have to quit the company, ,or the company wants to terminate you , on unfortunate reason, i shall give you 15 lakhs" -
Golden Parachute.

This is the way MDs are hired.

My dream - This is the way Software Engineers should be hired.
Anybody ?

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