Monday, March 28, 2005

In the Terminal

God has kept me away from very good movies. Dont really know why. I really felt like i was crying, during the ending scene of the movie. Spielberg cant just awe-spire you, or make you scream with Dinosaurs, but he can make you smile and cry, with the power of emotion.

You may not like the movie, if you are an Entertainment seeker. It is slower than those award winning Malayalam movies. But you will Jump for Victor Navorski (played by Tom Hanks).

The film is about a person, from a country travelling to New York. But as soon as the flight takes off, the country from where Victor travels has been abandoned. United States doesnt accept people from that country. And because that country no longer exist, Victor cannot go back to his home. US officials are very rigid, and they do not let Victor touch the soil of America.

Victor is stranded in the Airport for, Ladies and Gentlemen, believe it or not - 8 months.

And finally what happens, is the heart of the story.

You know, sometimes we feel something deserves Credits fully.

This movie deserves all the good it can get.

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