Monday, March 14, 2005

Kokku Para Para

Chandramukhi has done pretty decent in terms of songs. Though i like only two of them. I like "Kokku Para Para". My next door kid, Darshan dances for "Devuda Devuda" shaking his hands and legs. God has taught him to dance like that. Wonder how kids learn, and more to amazement, Rajnikanth's songs have a greater impact on kids. Almost all the kids i have seen a little earlier were singing "En Peru Padayappa !!!". Strange.

More Movie Digest : All movies back off their release dates, in co-ordination with Chandramukhi, leaving Chandramukhi the lone runner. Mumbai Express and Anniyan, set to go 10 days later.

Road block in road opposite to Valluvar Kottam. Man, these guys drive us Crazy, literally.

Hey, I've completed Deception Point. Only Digital Fortress is pending for completing all the Dan Brown Stuffs. Deception Point, i personally felt would make a good movie, but because I read Deception point after DaVinci and Angels and Demons, it did not have a good appeal over.

I Strongly recommend you all to read this book - Angels and Demons, after you read DaVinci Code.
Mail me for eBooks. :)


Harish said...

Was blog-hopping and I landed here. True, Deception Point seems lacklustre after A&D and Da Vinci Code. I have to start with Digital Fortress too but dont u think You can predict the flow!

keerthi said...

definitely Harish,

even thats what i thought... but Digital Fortress, is way too amusing
(until what i have read).
Pleasure reading i might say, particularly if you are a software
engineer, and if you have come across crypto anywhere there.