Sunday, March 20, 2005

Madhav Dasika - Guest Blog

I would have touched many areas in my 4 months of blogging. But not sports. You would know the reason if you have seen me already. Sports and ME would sound more like an Oxymoron. So, here's outsourcing.

Madhav Dasika, is a Team Leader in my office, and a very good friend of mine. He had this different perspective about Idol Worship. The religion, where he thinks this superstition is followed, is called Cricket. Wow, i smell controversial opinions already.

Here's Madhav and his log.

"The Profile of the most admired batsman!!

This is a person who has got maximum number of centuries and still consumes more than 6 overs to reach from 90 to 100. No gifts for guessing.
The most proclaimed and world renowned Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Very often the saying goes says that we are loosing the matches because we dont have Tendulkar in the side. He is in the news almost all the papers from the day he has an elbow injury till the day he palyed a trophy in Hyderabad.
I saw a program on one of the channels in where the spectators were yelling 'Tendulkar has disappointed us today'. That was the day on which I started wondering when did Tendulkar not disappoint us (if not a surprise atleast). Any big league, it will be potrayed as the star bowler of the opponent team vs Tendulakar. So far I have never seen Tendulkar going against the odds and trying to overcome the *star bowler* of the opposite team except for Henry Olongo of Zimbabwe (and Shoab Akthar of Pakistan in the World Cup)

He is compared to Sir Don Bradman and he is compared to Sunil Gavaskar. I somehow do not understand whether these people also stood more for individual records than a match winning performance. We have seen Dravid playing the wall role, Kaif/Yuvraj/Ganguly and sometimes Agarkar winning the matches for us. But so far I have not seen Tendulkar contributing more than 30-40 runs in any crucial innings (be it be one day or a test match) except for two matches against Australia in which he was a Captain."

Madhav Dasika

Whatever !

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