Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More Movies in June

Was just checking up about the new movies coming up in Hollywood. Much to our surprise, most of them are Animated movies. With the growing popularity to Animated movies, looks like Hollywood actors are going to loose their jobs.

Ice Age Part II is coming up. Supposed to be a block buster. Steven Speilberg and Tom Cruise come back again with "War of Worlds". I saw the trailer of this movie. Wow! Could be yet another Independance Day kind of movie. But Spielberg and Cruise can give a flavour to it.

Manoj Night Shyamalan, is sharping his nails for another bite. "Lady in the Water" is his next movie for Warner Bros. But we have to wait longer. Its releasing 2006.

Off beat: A political leader wants all Billboards in Tamilnadu, which have their captions in English to be painted with TAR and to be erased. How arrogant and foolish can he go. I mean there has got to be a stop for this. I dont see any kind of affection in him for the language. He is just creating a Whitepaper about nothing and publicising it.

March 30. Your year ends here. From tomorrow you are fresh. A fresh Tax Payer.

Pay Tax and Hold your Head High ! (this message is issued in public interest alone. not mine)

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