Monday, March 21, 2005

On your Roof Top

Another Broadband adventure !

I tried Keyhole, a recently acquired company for Google. This software is a Aerial Photography software, that zooms to the roof top of your house from Space. - Can you believe it, FROM SPACE.

Unfortunately, and quite expectadly this only works for the United States zones. I zoomed upto Chennai.
It showed me locations of Avadi, Ambattur and even Pallavaram, but not Villiwakkam. Damn.

You have a decent Hi-Speed Internet Connection, then you may have to try this for sure. Download Keyhole on your computer, and try to reach your friend in the United States.

Microsoft has its own version of Aerial Photography - Terradata.

Trust me, the Land looks more beautiful from the Sky.
But only as long as you are not falling from the Sky !

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