Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pakistan Day

In 3 Weeks, i saw 7 friends of mine go to Tirupathi. Now, 2 of my close friends. Even my next door kid, Dachhu is going for a Mottai this weekend. Tirupathi season. Im exploring my possibilities of going. God knows when.

Shocked to hear Rajnikanth is a Pshycriatist in Chandramukhi. I was not able to digest the fact, that he is a BE engineer in Padayappa. Everybody like Rajni only as a common Tamil man. I only hope he hypnotizes the audience this time.

Gemini Ganesan Gone. I liked his voice better than anyother attribute of his. He was gracious on screen. Rest in peace, Mr. Ganesan.

Today is Pakistan Republic Day. They call it "Pakistan Day". Hope they dont have the need to tighten securities on republic day, just like we do every year. Ironic.

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