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Seeing thru Colored Glass

Seeing thru Colored Glass

1. There is a Room 20 X 40. In it stand 8 People. They are looking at a snake which has come by chance to the centre of the room.

2. The inverted image of the 12 Feet Raja Naga, is in the retina. -- The brain doesnt understand what it is.

3. Thalamas identified the signal, which belongs to visual cortex, and sent it.

4. Meantime, the message has been passed on to Amgdala. What to react, Fight of Flight. Which response to take.

5. There was a color glass, called the combination of Value and Belief, and they reacted differently to the same visual signal from the external territory.

The Persons and the Belief.

Ramanna - Hails from Karnataka.
His Belief - Snake is God.
Value - God should be worshiped
Response - He requires flowers to be offered.

Varadhan - Lost his friend by Snake Bite.
His Belief - Snake is dangerous.
Value - Runaway from fearful stimulus.
Response - He demands an exit request for himself

Kannan Nair -
Belief - Snake is a poisonous beast
Value - To be killed.
Response - requires equipment to kill the snake.

Child -
Belief - any sensation is to be appreciated
Value - play toy
Response - need to play with the snake

Kim Lee - a Korean girl
Belief - Snake is a medical content,
Value - enhances health value
Response - to be caught and made as a soup

Menaka - Blue Cross member
Belief - Animals are no different from Human beings
Value - To be treated with love and compassion
Response - To safeguard snake from any torture

Muniyandi - Snake Charmer
Belief - God which provides food for the family
Value - Bread Winner
Response - To take possession of the snake, to make his earnings

Ibrahim - Leather Merchant
Belief - a fashion statement
Value - expensive commodity
Response - to be skinned alive.

One Snake and Eight Perspectives

Ramanna has married Kim Lee when he was in Korea, on his Onsite venture. After two years of married life, they attended a function, at Chickmangaloor on a Nagapanchami Day (a day auspicious for snakes)
That was a starting point of the mismatch of their Value and Belief

There are only two options.
Divorce or Live with.

What is the third alternative.

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