Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Take 3. Action !

My friend gave me a library book - "Thiraikkadhai Ezhuthuvathu Eppadi". How to Write Screenplays, written by Sujatha. Completed half of the book yester-night. Im not going to make movies, no!. But it is worth a read, if you want to make your tastes for cinema better. You can learn how to appreciate good cinema. May be thats not the intention of the book, but thats what i inferred.

A normal person, going to cinema, used to say "Great Movie !!My hero has did it again". But the same person is now matured, and he says,"The movie would have been better, if the editing was done properly". "Cinematography was excellent in Kannathil Muththamittal". "Baba had a useless screenplay".

I cant dare say this is maturity in viewers minds. Most of the people (including me) talk because, they know that terminology. "Sreegar Prasad's editing was great in Dil Chahta Hain", i used to say. But i still dont know whats editing. But then, i can clearly say that a movie was properly edited or not.

All things apart, forget everythig. Just listen to what Rajnikanth says. Whistle and Clap. Get out !!

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