Thursday, March 17, 2005

Want a blog ?

Do you intend to start your blog of your own ? Well, Yahoo has intented to serve for you. Click here to Yahoo 360

But this service, however is not available right now, as it is yet to be in Beta Stage. But Yahoo, I imagine can give you lots of customizations and facilities. Hopefully. So, i you are interested by the innumerous blogs with variety of informations, or if you are fed up with THIS blog (oh No !!) and think you can do it more better., Well then do it today. Start a blog and start seeing the World around you.

[Pic ctsy -]

This, apparently is the growth of the blogs from 2003 to 2004 year end. Thats shows you how many people (including craps like me) have started blogs and tried to change the way of media.

Hey, if you start a Blog, dont forget to inform me.

Crunch - Its already friday. These days just keep coming. Im simply dreaming about the three day holiday thats coming up next week, starting with a literally good friday. (I've got a very interesting news blog for Good Friday ! Check out next week)

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