Monday, March 07, 2005

Whats your flavour ?

Considering many things in life, lets say we priorotise things. In my life i have priorities set, based on the daily life. I dont want to have foresight and then set priorities. Its just priority for my everyday, just like today. What are they.

1. Good food
2. Good food
3. Quality Work (!!!!)
4. Intellectual Informations
5. Good food
6. Sound Sleep

As far as sleep is concerned, quite recently, or exactly after my BONGO accident, i lost it completely.I dont know why, im not getting my normal sleep at all. So, Sleep is quite a big wish in my priority list.

But food, has always dominated in my priorities. I eat anything (vegetarian) good. Hygeine, is one word, i never learnt in school. So, food anywhere, any form and good.

Informations and intellectual informations. Particularly the perspective views. It would interest you even, to think about a normal thing in a different view/ perspective. Its like being someone else's mind. Take this. Sonia Gandhi wanted to forgive all the people who killed her Husband - Rajiv Gandhi. When i read this information, i thought "How greatful of her..". But then, there was another article by Cho. Ramaswamy. "Who is Sonia Gandhi to forgive terrorists. Further, there were many other people killed, Are everyone ready to fogive the brutal act. Why should everyone comply with her...". Different, isnt it.

Start looking at things on a wider angle. You get more clarity on an object, only when it is 360 degrees viewable.

Murphy's laws says "Everyone is Someone's fool". Remember you are a fool in some persons eyes. Same way You are a GURU in someone's thoughts. You are worshipped by someone, and at the sametime someone hates you to the core.

Thats because, we are not the same person to everyone. We exhibit different attitudes to different people.

We are not who we think we are. We are what others think we are.

Confused ??


Essdee said...

We are not who we think we are. We are what others think we are.!!Why?? This is the root cause of every problem we have. People who live by the above motto are not primary beings, but are scavengers. They are dependent second handers. You can be dependent on others for everything except Thought. To seek opinion or perspective per say to form a decision is ok but to allow someone else to make that decision for you is not ok.
While making a decision what I think is whether this action will give me joy. I do not think of what others will think or say, cause if I start doing that, I will a) never be happy and b) never able to satisfy everybody.
I am what I am and strive for what I want to be. What others think of me is their perspective. Perspectives are not facts!!

Anonymous said...

Nice read, I like !!