Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Anniyan Music Out ! - Clean Bold

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Seems Harris Jeyaraj did not accept any other movies, just for concentrating on Anniyan. I was hearing carefully, to find out - which song did he really concentrate on !!

Im not worth giving comments on the music, as I've not got the original CD yet. Im only the common MP3 grabber. Still, i guess i can express comments.

Anniyan music is just another music, with NOTHING special in it. Not even better than Saamy. "Kadhal Yaanai" is a sure hit. But the other songs are just a "Same kind of thing" songs.

"Iyengar Veettu" is one song im repeatedly playing.. as it has the carnatic classic ("Jagadhananda Kaarakaa.." - a thyagaraja krithi).

Hope the concenteration of Harris was on the Re-recording.


lavsubbu said...

Wow! did not know that!
I was disappointed by Shankar's "Boys". Hope this one is a hit.

keerthi said...

hey Lavsubbu, It was the music release only. Movie is coming in Mid of may.

Ram.C said...

is the music so ordinary?

I thought of buying it this evening!!! (I may still do it)

Ram.C said...

BTW...in which website did you get all the songs..