Friday, April 08, 2005


I have a random habit of giving Proper credits to people, who have made photos, that feature on this Blog. I got a mail from Jeff, a good photographer, demanding credits. I was ashamed of being very mannerless. I opened an apology for Jeff.

It is really very important, that the right credits go to the right person. Now on, i intend to credit the person's name/ site below the picture. And a start measure, is back to Jeff.

[ctsy : Jeff Philips ]

I wonder whats Rajini and Kamal thinking on this saturday. I dont mind a dinner.


Kaps said...

Rajini & Kamal will be like exam students anxiously waiting for the result or like a politician waiting for the election result.

keerthi said...

Yep ! and im waiting for Mumbai Express first day tickets..