Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Benedict and Shailendra

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger becomes Pope Benedict XVI - the new head of the world's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics

[ctsy - BBC ]

Avyukta Hits 3000. Hurray ! Thats a big thing for me, atleast.

Ladies and gentlemen, Please Welcome Shailendra Rao, a Chemical Engineer pursuing his higher education in Canada, who has wished to contribute on Avyukta. He has one sister in the US, and a brother in a different state of US, and he in Canada. And this guy roams across all these places at regular intervals. Lucky Shailendra. Im struggling to go to even my native ( Mayiladuthurai ).

My passport would expire in two more years. And so far, i have not taken more than a four Jet Airways trip back and forth from Bombay. I Wish I'd use it atleast twice before my passport expires.

Talking of Passport expiration, US is rejecting passports with 20 years Validity and insists on having a 10 year validity Passport. ( I read this somewhere, but im NOT Sure of the Authenticity of this information. Someone Confirm).

I received 2 emails, both containing Rajnikanth's Introduction in Chandramukhi. Looks like it has been taken on a Cellphone Camera. Very poor clarity. But who needs that all. Seeing your THALAIVAR with one leg on Air, and exhibiting style (and the sounds of fans, and the rain of roses inside the theatre is also seen). WoW ! Wish i'd see the movie soon.

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