Thursday, March 31, 2005

Double Jeopardy !

If there's something Amusing and Confusing at the same time, there are only two of them.

Software and Law. Let us try a law point. Take Double Jeopardy.

The rule against double jeopardy states that no one should be tried or punished twice for the same offence. This rule protects citizens from oppression by ensuring that the State cannot keep prosecuting a citizen until they are finally convicted. It is a fundamental and ancient rule of law that extends back to the time of the Ancient Greeks.

If ever punished already for a crime that was never commited, the person is allowed to perform that crime in public, and will not be punished again.

You could have seen a movie of the same name "Double Jeopardy", where my favourite Actress, the very beautiful Ashley Judd plays a wife, who is misunderstood to have killed her Husband, and is punished by the American Federal Court of Law. (This sounds better than Indian Penal Court, doesnt it). The when she comes out of prison, she understands her husband is not killed yet. Now, she can kill her husband in front of the Times Square, and just walk away without an arrest, as she had already been imprisoned for the same crime.

Cool ! This is some kind of Prepaid Crime. Be in Jail now, Kill later.

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