Monday, April 11, 2005

Fast and the Furious

The fastest person from Coimbatore, and the Most Furious person Honble Chief Minister had a meeting down the pit stop. And a promise made, that made me smile. God, if this could really happen.

[Ctsy - ThatsTamil ]

If Formula One could happen in Chennai, its a very big Gift in Disguise. Atleast I dont have to feel agonized about Conditional Access System. Michael Schumaker will Touch the chennai soil, wow, Amazing. We should let him drive through the Nelson Manickam Road and Duraisamy Subway. Guess, he would quit driving for ever. We can name it Formula Chennai.

Im posting this Blog from Fedora Linux, and Boy what a speed it gives. BSNL is back to normal speed, and especially when i tried connecting from Linux, amazing tunnel you have in front. Just keep drivng....

Two days to Mumbai Express and Chandramukhi. Sachin is also on track and a stir is on.
Boy, this is going to be a nail biting finish.

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