Saturday, April 16, 2005

Good Music !!

I was going through one of those FTP sites, downloading rarest-of-rare musical bits from AR Rahman. From Leo-Coffee to Swades, all BGMs and Theme musics are collected and generously shared (Whoops !). That was when I came across something called Vanessa Mae. With Broadband working, I wanted to try it out. And now im wondering, I would have missed a great music if I had ignored that particular MP3. Amazing Rahman, though it was familiar to most of his own songs, "The Raga's Dance" (One of 10 songs in the Album) is simply amazing.

[Ctsy - Sony Music ]

Vanessa has made quite some albums, and this one "Choreography", features one AR Rahman song composed. If you get a chance, dont try to skip it. It is worth a hear.

By the way I heard Set top Boxes are going to be removed from existance (in chennai). Someone tell me the good news.


Kaps said...

What is the FTP site? can you pass me the link? If you like Vanessa Mae, you might also like a group called BOND. They are a violin quartet with 3 albums to their credit. Enna Seyya song in Parthiban Kanavu has been copied from one of the songs of BOND. I'm a gr8 fan of bond.

keerthi said...

The FTP site is
Username and password is arr

merin said...

iiiiii llluuuuuuuuuuuuvvv vanessa mae!!...shes da bestestestest eva...truly...if u miss choreography...u miss a lot!! me...same wid storm..anoder rockin album!!..cia...